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French drain

French Drain Services in Greater Charlotte Area

If you’re a homeowner or a small business in the Greater Charlotte Area looking for a comprehensive solution to manage excessive moisture or surface water in your landscape, you’ve come to the right place. New Leaf Construction offers expert French Drain installation services, providing an efficient way to keep your foundation dry and landscape healthy.

What are French Drains?

A French Drain is a simple, yet highly effective solution to alleviate water logging issues on your property. At its most basic, a French Drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock that contains a perforated pipe to redirect surface water away from your property. The simplicity of a French Drain’s design is its strength, allowing for customized solutions based on your specific needs.

Typically, French Drains are implemented in areas prone to excessive moisture or water accumulation. This includes basements prone to flooding, low-lying outdoor spaces, and areas around retaining walls. The French Drain redirects the excess water to a location where it can be more readily absorbed or removed, such as a storm drain or a lower part of your property.

Why Choose New Leaf Construction for French Drain Services?

With years of experience serving the Greater Charlotte Area, including neighborhoods in Gastonia, Weddington, Indian Trail, Pineville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Ballantyne, and Monroe, New Leaf Construction offers unparalleled expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining French Drains. Our team works closely with you to assess your specific needs, map out the ideal path for your French Drain, and execute the installation process with precision.

When it comes to materials, we choose only the highest quality gravel and pipes, ensuring your French Drain stands the test of time and weather conditions. Our comprehensive earth moving services enhance our ability to implement efficient and durable French Drains.

Our French Drain Installation Process

At New Leaf Construction, we follow a streamlined process to install French Drains. It begins with an assessment of your property to identify the water accumulation issue. We then design a French Drain system tailored to your needs and start the excavation process.

Our team then lays down a fabric filter to prevent soil from entering the drain and fills the trench with a layer of gravel. The perforated pipe, oriented downwards to utilize gravity, is placed on top and is again covered with more gravel. The final layer of fabric filter and soil hides the drain from sight, preserving your landscape’s aesthetics while ensuring it works efficiently.

French Drains for Residential and Small Commercial Builds

Whether it’s a residential property with a waterlogged backyard or a small commercial build struggling with surface water issues, our French Drain services can provide a vital solution. Besides protecting your property’s structure from potential water damage, a properly installed French Drain can help maintain the health of your landscaping, preventing oversaturated soil and supporting healthy plant growth.

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