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New Leaf Construction
Crafting Dreams into Reality

Meet Dan Wright

Dan Wright, is the owner and operator of New Leaf Construction, is a passionate visionary with deep-rooted ties to construction and woodworking. Originally from Hancock, Massachusetts, he inherited his love for craftsmanship from his father, a skilled carpenter, and his grandfather, a designer and builder of custom homes.

Dan’s fascination with construction was further inspired by his neighbor, Richard Babcock, a renowned advocate of Old Barn Restoration and esteemed barn builder. This upbringing instilled in him a commitment to quality and an eye for detail.

His journey into the construction industry began with a four-year study of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) during high school, followed by a two-year internship with a civil engineering firm. He later pursued Building Construction at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, where he met his wife, Lauren. Together, they ventured to Northern Virginia, where Dan founded New Leaf Construction in 2007.

With a dedication to excellence, Dan successfully operated the company in Northern Virginia before relocating with his family to the Charlotte area in 2010. Today, as the heart and soul of New Leaf Construction, Dan continues to craft dreams into reality, bringing expertise, passion, and personalized service to every project he undertakes.

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